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Doug Perry Towing is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community, particularly when it comes to the dangers associated with driving under the influence (DUI). Understanding the risks and potential consequences of DUI, we offer a crucial service: towing your car and ensuring you get home safely if you find yourself in a situation where driving could compromise your safety and that of others. Our message is clear: “We’ll tow your car, and bring you home safely. Don’t risk your life or the lives of others.”

Mock DUI Crash Scenes
At Your Local School

In our effort to prevent DUI incidents and promote road safety, Doug Perry Towing is taking proactive steps by partnering with local schools to create impactful educational programs. Around prom time, a period known for heightened social activities and increased risk of DUI among teens, we collaborate with schools to set up mock DUI scenes. These powerful and realistic reenactments aim to provide students with a vivid understanding of the devastating consequences of driving under the influence, thereby encouraging them to make responsible choices.

Moreover, Doug Perry Towing extends its educational outreach by offering tire change and instructional classes for students. These sessions are not only practical, equipping young drivers with essential skills for vehicle maintenance and emergency situations, but also serve as an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations about road safety, responsible driving, and the importance of making smart decisions when behind the wheel.

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By offering these services and educational programs, Doug Perry Towing is not just a towing company; we are a community partner dedicated to making our roads safer for everyone. Whether it’s providing a safe alternative to driving under the influence, educating young drivers about the consequences of risky driving behaviors, or teaching practical skills for safe driving, our commitment to road safety is unwavering. Together, we can make a difference and ensure a safer future for all road users.